Hong Kong Centre for Research & Development of Green Technologies

What We Do

Research & Development

The Hong Kong Centre for Research and Development of Green Technologies is taking on the challenge to develop new ways to bring innovative technologies to support the cause on climate change.

Our R&D team focus on innovation and breakthrough technologies on the fields of renewable energies sources, electric vehicles, green technologies, smart cities, clean transportation, drones, logistics and others.


Green Technologies

In order to secure energy supply and cope with climate change, GHG (Green House Gas) emission reduction, biodiversity protection, renewable technologies development, energy conservation, and efficiency improvements have become the world’s growing consensus.

We are working on technologies that have been proven to be matured and have tremendous potential in commercialization and mass production.

Innovation in Science & Technology

Our projects range from Scientific Research to Tech Developments for future Manufacturing, leveraging on the power of a multicultural Engineering Team to dream and create the technologies of the future to enhance the lives of the up coming generations.

Develop, Apply and Improve, supporting local projects, communities and end users seeking reliable and proven solutions and processes.

Our Research and Development

Green-Enviromentaly Friendly Technologies

Government & Public

Wind Energy

Solar Energy

Hydro Power

Hydrogen Fuel Cells

Geo Thermal Energy

Tidal Energy

Electric Batteries

EVs & Charging Stations

Electric Boats & Ferries

Drones & Electric Aircrafts

About us

Here at OBrien Tech, The Centre for Research and Development of Green Technologies in Hong Kong.

Our Mission:

To help accelerate the transition to renewable energy generation by making available to the public a range of green products that can be deployed in residential or commercial operations.


Our Vision

Through Tech Development we are committed to create a future where we can explore the human potential and transcend into the next generations, improving the quality of life for our communities, our nation, and the world. All energy is produced from sustainable sources and sustained by a public that understands and values the social, economic, and environmental benefits.