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Trees aren’t just long term, they’re really long term because 30, 50, 100 years from now, these forests of mature trees will benefit people, plants and animals and continue to do so for hopefully thousands of years.

% Of World's forests are already destroyed

acres of forests dissapear every day

billion people rely on forests to live

% of emissions are product of deforestation

species will be extinct in next 25 years

lbs of co2 are sequestered by a tree per year

% of species live in tropical forests

pounds of paper are used by every us citizen per year

and more natural medicines are produced by rainforest plants

years will take all rainforests to vanish at this rate

acres of forests are permanently converted to growing commodity crops

% of world paper is consumed in united states only

If You Plant A Tree Today, You Are Contributing In The Solution Of All These Problems!

Is Time To Take Action For The Future Of The Young Generations!

O- brien tech will help you to plant the amount of trees you want and also monitor their growth, evolution and location








How do these trees help our planet?

Whether it is the global rise in temperature, the shrinking of ice sheets, or the rise in sea levels around the world, there is plenty of evidence that climate change is well and truly upon us. As the lungs of the planet, the planting of trees can be beneficial to both people and the environment.

Trees breathe in carbon dioxide and breathe out oxygen, making them one of the best ways to slow or even reverse the greenhouse effect. Forests also provide a habitat for biodiversity, serving as a home for birds and other wildlife.

At O-Brien Tech there is emphasis as well on the social and economic impact tree planting can have on societies, partnering with foundations with a focus on long-term and sustainable empowerment and development on local communities. Trees can also provide erosion control, watershed retention, soil fertility, and shade.

Where are these trees planted?

O-Brien Tech partners with carefully selected and vetted tree planting foundations / NGOs from around the world, currently planting trees in Indonesia, the Philippines, Nepal, Thailand, India, Peru, Guatemala, and Uganda. 

The tree planting foundations determine with the local communities what trees are best planted where and when.

What is a tree nursery and where are those?

A tree nursery is an area/ place where young trees (seedlings) are given special care. Once the seedlings are ready to be planted, they are transported to the plot of land and planted by the foundations and farmers. 

Our partner foundations either have their own tree nurseries close to the areas where the seedlings finally are planted minimising transportation, or source seedlings from commercial and bespoken tree nurseries.

How do I tell if the tree I received is unique to me?

Details of every tree we plant are captured using a special app we developed called TreeCoder. TreeCorder is used by O-Brien Tech’s partner foundations planting trees.

With TreeCorder, each tree is recorded with its individual unique photo, GPS location, date of planting, species, and even the farmer who planted the tree. O-Brien Tech seeks to bring full transparency to the tree planting process. 

How do I know if the tree I purchased is real?

O-Brien Tech, has as objective to plant a billion trees by 2023. In the age of social media, a lack of credibility would easily expose us long before we achieve that.

Every step in our way of working has been carefully designed – from our 3 step vetting process for partnering foundations to the technology of our platform; e.g. with TreeTracker using satellite maps, you can track your tree. We can ensure you that we have done and will continue doing the utmost to be a transparent, accountable, and trustworthy partner.

Plant  A Tree Today And Save The World Of Our Children